Dr Tina Rath

Photograph by Philippa Harris

“I do not believe in vampires nor do I encourage drinking blood!”

Dr Tina Rath

Tina Rath is available as a lecturer or after-dinner speaker on vampires and other aspects of Gothic literature

Tina Rath gained her doctorate from London University with a thesis on The Vampire in Popular Fiction and her MA with a dissertation on The Vampire in the Theatre. She has given lectures on vampires for the Fortean Times Unconvention, and for various societies, including the Pagan Group, Talking Stick, Westminster University, the literary society at Newcastle University, and at Salford University.

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She has also made a number of radio and television appearances on Radio 2, Woman’s Hour, the James Whale Show, BBC Midlands, BBC Radio CWR, BBC Radio Cleveland, KISS FM, The Edge, Big Breakfast, The South Bank Show and many other programs to talk about vampires. Tina has also published her own vampire stories including Miss Massingberd and the Vampire first published in Woman’s Realm in 1986 and reprinted in the Mammoth Book of Vampire stories for Women by Robinson in 2001.

Tina Rath is seeking a publisher for her Ph.D thesis entitled The Vampire in Popular Fiction. The thesis traces the development of the vampire in popular fiction from its English roots to the present day by examining a series of representative texts in chronological order.

Topics covered include Arnold Paul and the eighteenth century vampire panics, the lover in the night and other proto vampires, Lord Byron and the vampires, Varney, the female vampire, Dracula in fiction and film, child vampires and children’s vampire fiction and the rise of the serial vampire. Dr Rath approaches vampire fiction from the point of view of both a reader and writer in the genre.

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